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Bau-Hōuse is an art and streetwear retailer. “BAU” relates to our effort to build up the community in which we serve. HŌUSE is a shopping experience for fashion and design enthusiasts. We curate the latest in art, interior decor, sneakers, and streetwear.

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The movement started more than 100 years ago, and the influence still resonates today like an 808. BAUHAUS “Hōuse of building” is arguably the single most influential movement of the 21st century. Imitation or adoption, the institution’s physiologies can be noticed in everything from sneakers to architecture.

BAU-HŌUSE is a modern adaptation of the Bauhaus ideologies. Building culture, pride, and economic stability through fashion. We are a family of creatives that curate the latest in streetwear and art for the love of the culture.


Our Vision

When viewing the previews for these themes, it’s a good idea to see how they look on a smartphone device by using the viewport switcher on the demo page. This enables you to experience your store as your mobile visitors will, helping you to get a better idea of whether the design will work with your products.


To foster connectivity and collaboration within and beyond the greater-Flint area through a love of fashion, art, design, and shared experiences!


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